Hardcastle's Quandary

In a cold, rainy March in 1927, Divisional Detective Inspector Ernest Hardcastle of the A or Whitehall Division of the Metropolitan Police is summoned to the office of the Chief Constable CID at New Scotland Yard to read a letter.  The letter comes from a clergyman in Norfolk who is convinced that his nephew, Guy Stoner, has been murdered.

There follows a long and complicated investigation as Hardcastle and Marriott pursue various lines of enquiry aided by an officer who has made a surprise return to the CID at Cannon Row.  Even Hardcastle’s own son, Walter, has a part to play.

Hardcastle’s irrational antipathy towards ex-army officers leads him firmly to believe that one of them must be responsible, mainly because of their louche behaviour.

After a positive labyrinth of twists and turns, the mystery is solved and justice is finally served.

© Graham Ison 2017