Hardcastle's Quartet

On a Wednesday morning in June 1918, a patrolling constable discovers the body of Georgina Cheney, wife of a naval commander, in the basement area of a house in Westminster.  At first it was thought to be suicide or even a tragic accident. 

Divisional Detective Inspector Ernest Hardcastle of the A or Whitehall Division of the Metropolitan Police undertakes the investigation, assisted by Detective Sergeant Charles Marriott.  Early on, the DDI discovers that the woman was murdered, and revelations about her previous life in Malta arouse his interest.

But the murder of Georgina Cheney is only the beginning of a complex enquiry that expands when Detective Chief Inspector Frederick Wensley, head of the CID at New Scotland Yard, assigns Hardcastle two earlier murders.  Hardcastle proves that not only are the three murders connected, but are linked to a fourth body discovered in the seaside town of Worthing.

© Graham Ison 2017