The Hardcastle novels

Divisional Detective Inspector ERNEST HARDCASTLE was born in Lewisham.  After joining the Metropolitan Police he served 4 years foot duty at Old Street and was then transferred to the CID.  He was at sometime a detective sergeant at Vine Street in the West End of London.  He became a divisional detective inspector prior to the outbreak of the Great War. 

He is married to Alice, nee Roberts, born Peshawar, India.  Her father was serving as a sergeant with the Royal Garrison Artillery in India at the time of her birth.

They live in 27 Kennington Road, Lambeth, not far from where Charlie Chaplin once lived, and have three children: Kitty, Maud and Walter. 

Hardcastle is 5’10”, has a Kitchener-type moustache and wears blue-serge suits, a Chesterfield overcoat, and shoes with spats and a bowler hat. Invariably carries an umbrella.  Has a chrome hunter that he frequently winds.  He wears wire-framed spectacles for reading, and smokes a pipe with St Bruno tobacco.  Ginger snaps are his favourite biscuits.  Drinks strong tea with 2 spoonfuls of sugar.

Hardcastle’s father was Joshua Hardcastle, born Lewisham, a blacksmith, and was married to Emily Taylor from Catford.

Detective Sergeant (1st Class) CHARLES MARRIOTT was born in London and is six foot tall.  After joining the Metropolitan Police, he did his first two years of foot duty at Marylebone Lane.  Was promoted detective sergeant (1st class) prior to the outbreak of the Great War.

He is married to Lorna.  They have two children: James and Doreen.  The family lives in police married quarters at Regency Street, SW1.

Marriott is a freemason, a member of a lodge in Pimlico.  He smokes cigarettes.

His brother-in-law was a sergeant-major in the Middlesex Regiment during the war.

Ernest Hardcastle and Charles Marriott appear in Hardcastle’s Spy, Hardcastle’s Armistice, Hardcastle’s Conspiracy, Hardcastle’s Airmen, Hardcastle’s Actress, Hardcastle's Burglar, Hardcastle's Mandarin, Hardcastle’s Soldiers, Hardcastle’s ObsessionHardcastle’s FrustrationHardcastle's Traitors, Hardcastle’s Quartet  Hardcastle’s Collector and the recently published Hardcastle’s Quandary. Hardcastle is a detective from a bygone era when the language was slightly different.  As a guide for readers a glossary of words and phrases can be found by clicking here. 

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