The Home Secretary Will See You Now

When former actress Elizabeth Lavery is found strangled in her bedroom, both the Commissioner and the Home Secretary are called to Scotland Yard that same night because of the political implications of her murder.

The nuts and bolts of the investigation are put into the capable hands of Detective Chief Superintendent John Gaffney of the Yard’s Special Branch.  His first task is to try to establish motive.  Was she killed by terrorists, a disturbed burglar, a homicidal psychotic, or did she die at the hands of someone she knew?

As the enquiry progresses, Gaffney discovers that the dead woman’s private life contrasts radically with her public persona, and has threatened the reputations of at least one politician, a peer of the realm, and certain elements of the criminal fraternity.  None of this comes as a surprise to Gaffney, and any one of the principal suspects could have a reason to murder her.  However, the truth that Gaffney unearths is devastating.

© Graham Ison 2017