Confirm or Deny

When the Director-General of MI5 realises there is a traitor on his staff he is forced to call upon Special Branch to conduct the search.  And, away from the arduous task of heading selection boards for new officers, Detective Chief Superintendent John Gaffney (who first appeared in The Cold Light of Dawn) is put in charge of the operation.

Picking a small, but select, team, Gaffney sets an elaborate trap: one to catch those who usually do the catching.

As the net closes in, the suspects are narrowed down until one commits suicide.  Was it an admission of guilt, or was it murder?  Using this uncertainty, Gaffney and his team pursue their quarry, working their way through the facts, interviewing and re-interviewing, acquiring and discarding more evidence until the truth is apparent.

In this exciting and intricate novel, Graham Ison presents readers with a splendid puzzle, richly supported by an authoritative knowledge of the workings of Special Branch.

© Graham Ison 2017