Underneath the Arches

Early on an October morning in London, a team of Flying Squad officers, under the command of the redoubtable Detective Chief Superintendent Tommy Fox, is keeping observation on a repository of stolen property underneath some railway arches in Lambeth.

Two thieves, arriving to lodge the proceeds of yet another robbery, discover - to their horror and to the surprise of the police - that it contains the body of a young woman.

Approaching the investigation in his usual unorthodox way, Fox has to contend not only with the familiar catalogue of villainy but also with two complaints that have been made against him and which are being investigated by the unbending and humourless Commander Willow.

Porn-brokers, an oil executive who travels frequently between London and Kuwait, a big businessman, charity workers and a civil servant all come under suspicion.  And, in the course of his enquiries, Fox also manages to get rather close to a young female member of the nobility.  But then Fox always did have a discerning eye.

Working his unconventional way through the obstacles that seem constantly to be strewn in his path, Fox eventually resolves the mystery of the body that was found underneath the arches.

© Graham Ison 2017