A heist is what criminals and policemen call a particularly spectacular theft.  And when a hundred thousand pounds’-worth of jewellery - tomfoolery to the villain - is stolen from a West End hotel in broad daylight, that’s a heist.

Detective Inspector Jack Gilroy picks up the call on his radio.  But so does his boss, Detective Chief Superintendent Tommy Fox, head of the Flying Squad and relentless pursuer of the unrighteous, whose self-imposed task in life is to harry his subordinates, and to haunt the villainry.

A missing businessman, a mysterious funeral, a dead body and a near-naked blonde are not all that they seem.  And so one thing leads to invariably it does in the work of the CID.

As Fox widens his circle of enquiries, petty villains take cover - as do one or two members of the Flying Squad - and even a French detective in the South of France begins to feel threatened.

Fox’s certainty that right will triumph ensures that the loose ends of the enquiry are brought together to the point where Fox is able to lay charges.  And then detonate them!

© Graham Ison 2017