The Taming of Tango Harris

The body of a murdered prostitute, a black nylon stocking around her neck, is found in a fashionable West End hotel.  A few hours later, across London, a lorry is hijacked, the driver abducted and left trussed up in a field, while another man is shot dead, his corpse dumped in the boot of a stolen car.

To Detective Chief Superintendent Tommy Fox of the Flying Squad the lorry heist bears all the hallmarks of one Thomas Walter Harris - known as Tango on account of his nifty footwork at the New Cross Palais during his somewhat murky youth - and the dead man worked for Harris’s rival gangleader, Billy Crombie.  Together, the two gangs - involved in every imaginable form of nefarious activity - make up the nastiest gathering of villainry that Fox has encountered for some time.

As usual, Fox wants to put his unique stamp on an investigation he sees as his chance to bring about the taming of Tango Harris.  But first, he must prove a link between two seemingly unconnected murders.  And Tango Harris has always kept one step ahead of the law...until now.

© Graham Ison 2017