The Laundry Man

On Easter Saturday, a policeman is shot trying to foil a building-society robbery.  Detective Chief Superintendent Tommy Fox of the Flying Squad gets out from behind his desk and interferes.  But there is more to the crime than is first apparent. 

A Cezanne painting mysteriously disappears, a supermarket in France is robbed, and a man is murdered.  Then Fox and his men get wind of a plan to rob a safe-depository. 

Fox is convinced that all this criminal activity is linked and his enquiries point to Danny Horsfall, a man who launders stolen money and whose underworld activities have long attracted the keen interest of the police. 

Fox finds this challenge irresistible and determines that he will bring The Laundry Man to justice. 

In The Laundry Man, Graham Ison vividly describes a world where danger is commonplace.  He also distils the humour of real policemen and real criminals, as well as the constant fencing that goes on between them.  But beneath that light-hearted banter it is very serious, because in real crime real people get hurt.

© Graham Ison 2017