Blue Murder

To command the International and Organised Crime Branch at the heart of the CID’s London operation is the dream of every Scotland Yard detective.  When offered to Tommy Fox, however, it is the Met’s last chance of reining in its most brilliant, single-minded and tempestuous detective before his unorthodox investigative practices overstep the mark once too often.

But only a matter of seconds into his new job a case is handed to Commander Fox that is too inviting to leave to his subordinates.  On a yacht moored off the Cyprus coast a British businessman, Michael Leighton, and his two female ‘companions’ have been found murdered, the victims of twenty-seven rounds from an assault rifle.  With a cache of cocaine on board, it seems that just another drug-smuggling murder enquiry is about to get under way.  But Fox, taking personal charge of the enquiry in Cyprus and London, is on the scent of something infinitely more revealing.

When sexually explicit videos and photographs are discovered at the dead man’s company premises in Fulham, Fox and his team realise they have stumbled on Leighton Leisure Services’ profitable sideline in pornographic movies, with in-house production techniques and a Europe-wide distribution network.  The star of these masterpieces?  None other than the late, and rather energetic, Mr Michael Leighton himself.  And the recent death of a young woman in suspicious circumstances raises the heat of the investigation further, particularly as enquiries show that she was the daughter of one of Fox’s oldest and most slippery adversaries in the criminal underworld.

Despite uncovering a plethora of suspects, the vice trade is proving a difficult nut for Fox to crack in the hunt for a triple-murderer, who may be covering his tracks by killing again.  But as its co-ordinator and chief investigator, there is no better man than Tommy Fox in getting to the bottom of this case’s decidedly murky depths.

© Graham Ison 2017